About Us

At OTB Support, we believe in giving individuals the tools and knowledge necessary to live an empowered life. Our holistic approach takes a supportive stance for our clients as they achieve their unique goals. From Individual Mentoring options and social participation opportunities, to travel assistance, we provide a variety of options for NDIS participants! We provide hands-on guidance throughout our clients’ journey towards improved independence and autonomy; creating brighter futures not just for participants but also the families connected to them.

Our mission is to enable everyone we serve to reach the highest potential of their capabilities. With tailored support, individuals can make strides towards empowerment and unlock lasting success in life’s endeavours.


Our team of superstars are here to help YOU!


Our team is at the foundation of our success. We are dedicated to investing in caring, empathetic and honest workers that have the necessary skill set, knowledge base, and creative problem-solving abilities required for delivering superior service to NDIS participants. Our rigorous approach equips members with essential information as well as sharpening their critical thinking when assisting participants through tailored support solutions.




Our team is committed to providing a respectful environment for all, recognising that each individual deserves the utmost respect and consideration regardless of their circumstances.


We are committed to providing you with the resources and guidance needed for empowering your decisions, maximising control over your goals, and cultivating the capacity necessary for success. We are dedicated to helping equip and strengthen you along this journey.


Our services emphasise compassionate leadership, interactions based on respect and full transparency. We have earned a reputation for excellence in delivering superior results that exceed expectations.